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Venturiantale Fanfic: Chapter Four
~HoLY MOTHER OF fLIPFLOPS IT's BACK. After like 5 months of not updating it's back! I started this fic pre-Lydia's death and I'm going to keep it that way. I refuse to believe it happened.~
"Vahl!! C'mon we have to go back!!! We have to find them!!" Jordan yelled sprinting away from Vahl.
"Venturian! Wait!" Vahl called back. 
Vahl hung her head low.
"I don't remember where the shack was... I didn't mark it on the map..."
"Please tell me this is a joke, Vahl." Jordan said in a defeated tone.
"We will search in the morning, Venturian. Now it is vital that you rest. In the morning we will shop to get you proper armor, then we will set out to the largest cities and holds to find your kin."
Vahl got him into the house without waking the others and put him to bed.
"That is the one? The All-Maker?" Miraak questioned the younger Dragonborn. 
Vahl nodded in response.
"But he is so young, he is only a child." The concern in the old man's voice grew.
"I realize this Miraak, but
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Don't Do This, Casket - Venturian Fanfic *GORE*
It was Toast vs. Casket once again. Ghost's outbursts were increasing rapidly in number, as well as power. Casket was quickly taking over Ghost's brain. He never should have let him investigate the 'Cardboard Friend' demon alone. Toast quickly fled around the corner of the hall, everything went dead silent. Finally he heard the stomping of Casket's heavy boots.
"Where are you Toast? I know you're here, I can taste it." Casket growled. 
Toast shuddered. He planned to retreat further down the hall, broken glass crackled underneath his feet, Casket heard and tore after him. Stealth no longer mattered, Casket knew where he was, he sprinted away, coming to a dead end. He turned to face Casket, who tackled him to the ground, pinning him down. Casket held the knife to Toast's neck.
"I can't wait to slit your throat, Toast. To feel your blood on my hands." Casket let out a chilling laugh. 
"Even better, wait until Johnny Ghost wakes up, covered in your blood."
"Casket, no." To
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Carry On, My Child
    "Miraak, I do not know if I will make it out." Lydia weakly whispered to him as the voice in Vahl's head kept her occupied. Vahl seemed to get more worried, the voice appeared to know she has become infected with the disease of the Afflicted.
    "Why not, child?" The old Dragonborn asked.
    "I have been infected" She rolled up her sleeve enough to see the veins in her wrist bulging with the green goo. She choked back tears, "Miraak, I am in so much pain." A tear rolled down her cheek.
    "Hush, child, do not be afraid of what comes next." Miraak said, hugging her. "Every great story must come to an end."
    "Miraak, please be the one to end my pain, I can think of no better man, than a superior who treats all as an equal."
    Miraak's throat went dry, he could feel the tears build up in his eyes, he was glad Lydia couldn't see past his mask. Vahl began to get more flustered. He hardly had the courage to do such a thi
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Do You Wanna Know My Secret?
~ A Venturiantale Parody Of Disney's Frozen
Do you wanna know my secret?
Come on out and we'll play
What did you go in there for?
Come out the door
I'm ready to slay!
I swear that I am Papa!
But now I'm NOT!
It's time for you to DIE!
Do you wanna know my secret?
'Cause I'll tell you my secret.
Nope you're gonna die.
Do you wanna know my secret?
I'll chase you through the halls
I think some death is overdue
I just wanna kill you all!
Wait where'd you go?
I'm starting to get lonely
Searching everywhere for you
C'mon you know it's TIME

I know you're in there
Come out, where have you been?
I've got all the courage to kill you
I'm waiting for you to let me in
Sally, we've only got each other
Just you and me.
I've got waffles for you.
Do you wanna know my secret?
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Venturiantale Fanfic: Chapter Three
    "Players have entered game? What's that supposed to mean?" Venturian questioned.
    "Oh no!" Vahl exclaimed. "I left the portal open!"
    "What? Portal?"
    "How I was able to summon you here, All-Maker."
    "Yes, but now what does it mean-MY SIBLINGS."
    Now Vahl was confused. "Siblings, All-Maker?"
    "Yeah!" Venturian replied enthusiastically. "My brother, Isaac, and my sisters, Cierra and Bethany!"
    "People in your world have such strange names."
    "Isaac, what now?" Bethany questioned.
    "Uhm? Look for Jordan? See if you guys can find footprints anywhere."
    As it turns out Cierra was a hop, skip, and jump ahead of them as she bounded down the trail she found.
    "CIERRA WAIT!" Isaac took off dead sprint to Cierra, no sooner di
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Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  Paper and Rock were best friends. Paper tackled Rock with a hug, unaware of the onlooker. Scissors watched in disgust, he thought he was to sharp to be friends with a crummy piece of paper and a dumb ol' rock. After much thought the sharp-minded Scissors realized the error of his ways. One could never go through life alone, but alas,  no one would ever be his friend, as he thought them to be the safety blankets of human error. Quickly he built up jealousy toward the friendship of Rock and Paper and was filled with a lust to obtain companionship. His master plan was to take out the weaker in the friendship, hoping to gain it so the other could fill the void. Late one night he attacked helpless, little Paper, killing her.
 Rock was devastated when he heard about his friend's horrible fate. Rock vowed to avenge his beloved friend, even if it meant murder. Scissors approached Rock, as if nothing was out of ordinary.
 "I heard about your poor little friend there, uh...
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Venturiantale Fanfic: Chapter Two
    It was around noon at the Frye household and the siblings' parents had gone to the store. Isaac had a sudden a sudden realization.
    "Bethany, Cierra, where's Jordan?"
    "I don't know," Bethany answered, "Maybe he's still sleeping."
    "Bethany, we all know that Jordan would usually be up before any of us." Cierra countered Bethany.
    "I'm going to go wake him up." Isaac said. He walked to Jordan's door, feeling the chilled draft that came from under it. "Jordan?" he asked as he slowly opened the door, a gust of wind ripped the door handle from his loose grip, slamming it open.
    Isaac stood there in shock as Bethany and Cierra rushed over after hearing the door slam against the wall. The three of them stood in shock as their beloved brother's room had become a frozen wasteland.
    "Only one explanation right?" Isaac asked. The two girls nodded. "Let's go." the bravery in his voice wavered.
Isaac steppe
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Venturiantale Fanfic: Chapter One: Revised
~I'm Starting over a lil' bit but using the first draft as a guide so much of it will be the same~
Venturian woke up, having to use the bathroom, he glanced at the time, it was nearing five in the morning. Groggily getting up and sliding on a chilled pair of slippers, Venturian ventured to the bathroom. Walking back to his room afterwards, he noticed an eerie, bluish glow coming from underneath his door, the light was much like a natural light, but he assumed Homeless turned it on and was waiting to scare him.
    "Isaac!" Venturian half yelled, not expecting what happened next. He entered his room, which had become the harsh, cold land of Skyrim. Venturian grumpily mumbled something about this situation being right out of Narnia, then mentally scolded himself about the reference. He realized something was very wrong when the door to his room had slammed shut behind him and became the door to a shack, one that was locked up without a key.
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Venturiantale Fanfic: Chapter One: Draft One
~Just a draft blah, blah, blah... Gettin' ideas down and stuff~
~Plot: Venturian gets sucked into the world of Skyrim~
~Please analyze for writing errors, I will fix them. Help my writing suck less.~
    Venturian walked out of his room to go to the bathroom, shortly before he had glanced at the time, 4:45 am. Walking back to his room afterwards, he noticed an eerie glow coming from underneath his door sort of a blue light, like a natural light, but he assumed Homeless was on his computer.
    "Isaac!" Venturian half yelled, he was not expecting what happened next. He entered his room, which had become the harsh, cold land of Skyrim. Venturian grumpily mumbled something about this situation being right out of Narnia, then mentally scolded himself about the reference. He realized something was very wrong when the door to his room had become the door to a shack, one that was locked up without a key.
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Raggedy Man, Goodnight
Goodbye Raggedy Man,
The Silence will fall,
The Raggedy Man has chosen to leave us all,
Eleven is falling,
unto Twelve.
The Doctor regenerates,
This Christmas night,
Leaving us all to quiver in fright,
As a new man takes the lead,
Will we trust him as well?
Answer his call to run with him for a spell?
Can we make him feel welcome for once,
This time?
Capaldi will be my Doctor,
I will run with him.
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Red Team Motivational Poster by akatsukifangirl91 Red Team Motivational Poster :iconakatsukifangirl91:akatsukifangirl91 330 153
''Hey Church'' - Red Vs Blue ''Hey Jude'' Parody
"Hey Church" RvB Themed Parody of "Hey Jude" by the Beatles
(Sung By Caboose)
Hey Church, don't be so mad.
I can make you feel so much better.
Would you please let me back into the base
So I can start to make you happy.
Hey Church, I'm kind of scared.
Tex just told me that she might kill me.
She said she might kick me out of my skin.
What does that mean? Can you explain it?
Anytime you're getting mad, it's not so bad.
It's not my fault. Let's just say TUCKER DID IT.
We all know he's really dumb, oh, here he comes.
We should go before we catch his pregnancy.
Bleep Bloop Bleep Bloop Bleep Bloop BLEEP BLOOP
Hey Church, I'm your best friend.
You know I like you, and I like Sheila.
But I still hate things like Tucker and babies.
What I like most is... Me. I like me.
Please don't make me do any math. I need a bath.
I'll do that and then it will be food-nap time.
I don't know what's going on. So let's move on.
Washington explained it to me badly.
Bleep Bloop Bleep Bloop Bleep Bloop B
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Custom Box - Team Magma by Hollowed-Chimera Custom Box - Team Magma :iconhollowed-chimera:Hollowed-Chimera 12 10 -Silent Night At Freddy's- by ZombiDJ -Silent Night At Freddy's- :iconzombidj:ZombiDJ 5,873 346 WeeJay the Whatyamacallit by ZombiDJ WeeJay the Whatyamacallit :iconzombidj:ZombiDJ 856 67 What Have I Done (Johnny Ghost) by s98rocksgirl
Mature content
What Have I Done (Johnny Ghost) :icons98rocksgirl:s98rocksgirl 30 16
Starbucks by nexter2nd Starbucks :iconnexter2nd:nexter2nd 176 37 Team Ghost by YugureMori Team Ghost :iconyuguremori:YugureMori 72 170 Present by nexter2nd Present :iconnexter2nd:nexter2nd 152 98 You were right to call us, Mr Scrooge by ShoobaQueen You were right to call us, Mr Scrooge :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 33 10 Red vs. Blue meme by BriarRose86 Red vs. Blue meme :iconbriarrose86:BriarRose86 196 58 Red Vs Blue .:remake:. by MidNight-Vixen Red Vs Blue .:remake:. :iconmidnight-vixen:MidNight-Vixen 412 192 Grif - Red vs Blue Sketch by SilverbackPie Grif - Red vs Blue Sketch :iconsilverbackpie:SilverbackPie 552 85 Red vs. Blue - BLUE TEAM by freyah Red vs. Blue - BLUE TEAM :iconfreyah:freyah 499 128 Red vs Blue by Keithums Red vs Blue :iconkeithums:Keithums 1,400 442 Tea Party by Pilgrimwanders Tea Party :iconpilgrimwanders:Pilgrimwanders 370 115



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